Thank you for wanting to adopt a bichon! Please fill out this form so that we may make the best match.

  • Anyone over 18, and their relation to you…grown children, spouses, significant others, partners, relatives or roommates…anyone the dog would encounter on a daily basis.
  • Anyone under 18 who would be living with the dog.
    Names, or genders if you prefer, and Ages…include any children “on the way.”
  • Breeds, Ages, Spayed/Neutered?
  • Birds, Rabbits, Reptiles, Small Furries, Horses, Cattle, Other Livestock

    * Renters must submit Owner / Mgt documentation allowing dogs.
  • Apartment, condo, townhouse, detached single family home, etc? How long have you lived there? Do you have plans to move soon?
  • If no, how long ago did you have your last dog, what breed, what happened to that dog, Vet’s name and phone number if different from Vet listed above:
  • If Yes, please explain the circumstances:
  • (e.g., in the house, in the yard, in a crate, if a dog walker comes by during the day and what time, and so forth)
  • (e.g., in the house, the yard, in a crate, in someone’s bed, etc)
  • (e.g., close, constant, very frequent, occasional, intermittent, “at certain times” and so forth…)
  • (Please note that the typical ages of Bichons in rescue is now 8-12 years. )

    (Note: Even with the aforementioned authorization, you may also need to obtain the Veterinarian records or call the Veterinarian to release the information to a Rescue Volunteer if the Veterinarian does not release upon presentation of this email/web information by the Rescue Volunteer.)